All parents want their children's first experience in school be a satisfying one and Camelot School does also. Our early childhood teachers make all children's experience and the parent's experience a wonderful one. The teachers assist all children in becoming life-long learners.

Our program provides a rich classroom environment where children are challenged to learn and encouraged to explore and socialize. All students are inspired to express themselves both physically, verbally, and artistically. Our students develop positive attitudes toward education through music, art, and especially play. Daily routines help build good habits, self-discipline, responsibility, and self-esteem. Students actively participate in many and varied experiences.

Joyful first experiences in mathematics and reading are paramount to a quality learning foundation and these areas are stressed, at Camelot School, through the use of manipulatives and print media. Mathematics concepts such as patterning, grouping, classifying, and measuring are experienced in a fun and engaging way. Literary appreciation, reading readiness, oral language, and vocabulary are also enhanced through exposure to books and other printed material.


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