Elementary School

Camelot School provides all our elementary students, kindergarten through fifth grade, with a solid foundation for academic and personal growth to instill a strong sense of individual worth and social responsibility.

Our small, multi-grade classes support the children's academic development. The wide range of skills and abilities in a multi-grade classroom necessitates a more individualized approach to education. Our small classes give our teachers the opportunity to provide students individual attention, allowing students to progress according to their abilities. The Camelot classroom curriculum ranges between grades and is less restrictive for each grade. Children develop skills according to their pace and timing.

Independent thinking and responsibility are further encouraged through individual and cooperative learning, research, creative projects, independent reading, and daily homework.

The basics are taught in a thoughtful manner, stressing reading, writing, and mathematics. Students are taught in small groups, as well as, class-wide, according to the subject matter. For instance, all students may write based on the same topic, with kindergartners drawing pictures with a few words, while the first graders write several sentences.

Our multi-grade classrooms also support the social and emotional development of students. Behavior problems are minimized because older students understand the school and classroom rules and can model quality behaviors for the younger students.

Camelot's elementary school promotes positive experiences in the development of interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, moral and ethical values, and responsibility. These positive experiences help guide the children toward becoming good citizens.

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